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Originally Posted by krunch View Post
You're pretty much out of time. You should really call Carnival and get the correct answers.

While your American friends have many more answers than I (from Canada) can offer you, but I will say this. It has been my experience that there are ports in other countries that you MUST supply a passport to enter they country. Now unless your cruise is a cruise to nowhere, it is possible that your children may not be able to get off the ship and visit SOME ports.

Again, you really need to call Carnival and get the low down.

Good luck.

If the cruise is a closed loop cruise from the U.S. the requirement is a passport "or" an original birth certificate and government issued photo id.

If it is a closed loop cruise then ALL ports on the itinerary will accept the birth certificate and photo ID. No one will not be allowed to get off the ship in any port of the itinerary. If any port on the itinerary requires a passport then a passport will be the ONLY thing that will get you on the ship on the first day.

The cruise lines will not let anyone on the ship that does not have the correct documentation for the entire itinerary.

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