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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
Sounds like the Triumph needs to get its ACT together.

Linda, sounds like you did a good job. I think I would have done this: a bit after 10:00 I would have just gone over to the Pursers and said, " I was here at 10:00 as requested, I assume all is well, if you need me I'll be somewhere on the ship". Then leave.
Triumph is the only ship Iv had issues with a B2B. They escorted us off .. and left us and we couldnt reboard.

Iv had a lot of smooth ones as well. So far mine have not really been planned as B2Bs .. like I have some cruises coming up ...and the price of the cruise after the one I have booked drops in price, I might add it later. So far I havent managed to have the same cabins twice in a row... but that's me. Im too spur of the moment with planning.
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