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Originally Posted by linalcaplan View Post
Agreed, on our last cruise we were with two other couples. After being told that only we could go to the VIP we opted to wait with the others (Big mistake, one guy left his passport in his checked luggage, after they searched the bags--around 3,000?---they located his and brought it to those of us in the waiting area, 4 1/2 hours later!!).
I think I would have gone ahead and boarded long before the 4 1/2 hours was up .. and let them wait. Yikes.

I just did VIP check in with a newby in New orleans and they were nicer to me than to her, but since her edocs said VIP they went and got her card elsewhere and brought it back to her. .. and thats just one person boarding with me in the same cabin. It was only her 3rd Carnival cruise.
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