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Default so who cares about Blue Man Group?

Lets see every time you start your thread it brings up Blue Man Group who wants to see Blue Man Group. I have seen them once and that is more than enough.
There is no way I would pay extra for entertainment or food.
Every ship has these pay extra restaurants and why any one would pay what they receive included in the price of the cruise I do not understand.
But there are suckers born every day as Mr. Fields use to say.
No Blue Man Group for me or any other so call extra show.
I expect seats to be open for all not reserved for only the suite customers.
Let the ships only sail with those that purchase the suites then see how long they stay in business. It is the everyday people that book most of these ships ...people who have saved their money for these cruises.
When we pay up front for everything includede that is what we expect.
Thanks but no thanks to paying extra for entertainment.
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