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I was on the Brilliance when it listed, and had a thread going on another board, which seems to have been quoted all over the place. CBS and NBC wanted to talk to me, but I said no.

I was disgusted with some of my fellow passengers rude behaviour. Yes, I was scared, and I thought for a few minutes that this was it. My life is over. I have a fear of drowning, and it was staring me in the face with each list.

I also have whiplash and a severely pinched neck nerve from being tossed around my cabin like a rag doll. For those that didn't live it, you have no idea what it was like. I have many physio/chiro appointments ahead of me. I am in constant pain.

I won't comment on the compensation except to say this: I never expected it to be a full refund. $100 each for my roomie and I, however, was a joke for what happened to us and the ship. The cruise was not the cruise that you would expect. The spa, gym, casino, shops, pool, outside decks, solarium, kid's arcade, etc were all shut down for varying amounts of time. Some venues never opened for the remainder of the cruise.

I won't travel in the Med in December again. After the cruise, I was stranded in England for 8 days, because Heathrow couldn't handle 3 inches of snow. I finally got home to my family late Christmas Day afternoon.

Nevertheless, I did have a good time on my cruise, and of course I'll cruise again!
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