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Good lord..I'm the LAST person to question anyone's spelling.My spelling is awesome BUt my grammer is that of a 3rd grader. .
I was asking about the refurb on the Island. I hope it's before we get there. We leave on the 16th of April. I've decided on the Jewel.
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are you questionsing my spelling, that wouldn't be the first time someone has or are you questioning what the changes are going to be and when?

If it is my spelling, I sometimes laugh at myself. I am dyslexic but am careless as well. If it is the changes, GSC was the first private island offered by any cruise line so it is very old. They are somewhat redesigning it, adding more activities and jsust generally updating it. I can't wait to see it or hear from someone who has (or will, I should add)

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