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Originally Posted by jacdenv24 View Post
I really don't have a problem with pre-paid gratuities-we've never had to adjust them for poor service. On the contrary,we always give the waiter,assistant waiter and stateroom attendant an additional tip. And sometimes we include the maitre'd . But I'm wondering about Celebritys guidelines in their brochure. It says $11.50 per day per person will be added to your SeaPass account, then tells you how much and who for: waiter 3.65, assistant waiter 2.10, stateroom service 3.50. Then there's 1.50 for "other service personnel". You don't need a calculator to know this adds up to 10.75. Mmmm...Who gets the remaining .75? And exactly who are "other service personnel"? Don't get me wrong-I'm not nitpicking over 1.50 a day but I do think Celebrity could makes things clearer. I'm thinking of having my auto tips adjusted to 9.25 per day p.p. then additionally tipping those who deserve it at the end of the cruise. And I've NEVER considered adjusting tips because I missed some meals in the MDR!
According to Celebrity's website, the breakdown for a non-suite is:

Waiter: $3.65
Asst Waiter: $2.10
Dining Room Mgmt (I assume that is the Assistant Maitre'd): $1.00
Room Steward: $3.50
Other Service Personnel: $1.25

Total: $11.50

Payment and Gratuities
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