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Tom Tom...

You are certainly entitled to say that, and you are correct that there is a group of people who are fed up with cruise lines charging extra for things on ships. Many of those people have migrated to Carnival, who tends to have the fewest extra charges.

I tend to see the "extras" as optional, so I dont see it as nickel & diming. You can still eat free on NCL, and see shows. The lower ticket prices (which are the same as 20 years ago) show that the value in cruising is still there even with extra charges.

Just understand that I sometimes ask questions just to guage what people are thinking. Epic has a seating problem, so I just wondered if anyone would pay a few extra bucks for a prime seat in the main show.

Blue Man Group is a show that usually commands $100 tickets in Vegas and NY City. I had seen them four times before I went on Epic. I'm a huge fan of the show and I think it was genius for NCL to get them.

But I certainly didn't mean paying $100 to see BMG on the ship. Note the thread asks "would you pay a SMALL FEE for NCL shows?" - I was thinking more like a reservation service charge of $5 or so.
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