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Paul, when you do get the invite for the "free cruise" as a "member of the Cruise Press" can you add my name as ummm your scribe?? :-D I promise I will behave!!

That's a nice thought - but you have to share a cabin with me (and I have hair on my back).

Actually, it is not a great as it used to be. These days we are generally just tossed onto the 3-day fam cruises. Plus they schedule us with late dinners and shows and then early morning press conferences. If it is Europe (because ship launch there first) then this all comes after flying for 20 hours (including stop-overs).

It is actually really draining. But once in awhile I get on a nicer ship like Silversea. Seabourn has not seen fit to invite me on anything specific yet. Just a general invite - but the truth is I don't want to pay or bother to fly to Europe for just a 7-day cruise, even if it is Seabourn.
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