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Originally Posted by nadine at sea;
I would like to know how you feel about children (under 30 and well behaved/supervised) on the Seabourn or really in general.
I think well-behaved people of any age are just fine on Seabourn.
The need for supervision does not seem to be a function of age. The operative phrase is well behaved. It appears from another thread, that Lord of the Seas and I both receive significant & necessary supervision. I don't know him, but I think it's a good guess that both of us are over 30.

Originally Posted by nadine at sea;
How you feel about any criticism of Seabourn and its policies.
I think criticisms of Seabourn & its policies are one of the purposes of forums like this. I think the criticisms should be rational & logical and positive comments should be equally encouraged. In addition, criticisms shouldn’t stimulate a round of attacks on the individual posting the criticism or attempts to prove the criticism is wrong. If a poster offers an opinion of a particular policy, I think it is appropriate and useful for other posters to offer conflicting opinions. If a poster describes a actual negative experience on a Seabourn ship, I think it should not be challenged. Over time, a reader can get an impression of a cruise line’s performance by reading a variety of positive & negative experiences and put them in the context of the poster's credibility.

Perhaps there should be a sticky thread on board protocol

I also don’t think there is a “typical” CC or CM poster or that the personality of a cruise line’s board is representative of the on-board passengers.
The danger of a board is that it becomes taken over by a few posters who dictate a particular culture or norms that are inconsistent with the purpose of the board. I’m sure it’s a challenge for a moderator to police these issues. On CC, there seems to be an excessive & irrational use of deleting posts & expelling members as a way of policing the board. It isn’t working. I believe Eric’s policy is to try to let every post stand on its own. Over time, you learn which posters to pay attention to & which to ignore. For a board to be a good resource for advice, it needs to have a fairly large critical mass of posters. As a message board attracts a larger volume of posters, it will have some highly intelligent, rational, logical, entertaining, & insightful posters & some who are at the other end of the spectrum. We have certainly seen examples from both groups on CC. The challenge for me has been to learn to “let it go” when I read the posts from the latter group.
Another peeve I have is to use the board to send personal messages between or among a small group of people.
It also seems that these boards are being used to fulfill some sort of need for social interaction as many posts (mine are a good example) provide no really useful information at all. I'm o.k. with being entertained as well as informed by the board.
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