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Regarding Kids, I believe I read that Seabourn has now decided to add some supervised activities for children.

I think the fear by some is that this will encourage people to bring more kids. If that does happen I think it will be a mistake.

Anyone who takes small children on a luxury cruise should be well-prepared by their travel agent and people like us that the parents will be responsible for the actions of the chidren all of the time, but especially during meals and tours.

If a person wants to go on a cruise where they can leave their children in capable hands while they do their own thing, they had best look at more mainstream cruise lines who offer daily, breakfast through midnight snack children's programs.

I personally think children are delightful - but when I am on a luxury cruise I sometimes feel sorry for them when/if they appear bored. Now, all children are different and some will not be bored, but some will. I think it is up to the parent.

But regarding Seabourn's decision - I think it was more a response to their changing demographic than it was an attempt to appeal to the family market. My impression is that they are adding the supervision to maintain the serene and dignified atmosphere onboard, and not as a means to attract the family market. I don't expect to suddenly see many more children as a result of the new policy - but maybe a few more.

I also doubt that it will change Seabourn any more than it has already been changed by the addition of the brand new ships which are larger and appeal to a wider audience than the three smaller triplets.
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