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We got a call from a HAL Travel Planner just last Friday asking us if we were still planning to take our extended cruise...I explained that we would love to finalize our plans but couldn't because we have some genuine concerns about paying big bucks for a suite and then not being able to enjoy sitting on the veranda because of cigaret smoke drifting over from one or both sides of the veranda wall. The HAL Representative said they are also concerned about solving this problem and are taking surveys to see how their customers feel. We really like HAL and if push comes to shove might do a short cruise...but the longer type cruises will just have to wait. Toooooooo much money to risk having a 15 -30 day cruise ruined!

We had a 12 day Celebrity cruise ruined because of residual cigaret smoke! It was so heavy that it was in the curtains, bedding, rug and even the toilet tissue. They shampooed the carpet and washed the walls, REPLACED the mattress, bedding drapes etc, and still couldn't get the smell out. Your eyes burned after just a few minutes in the cabin. The ship was absolutely full so Celebrity didn't have another cabin to move us to. We were going to have to re-pack, leave the ship and fly home. Luckily for us...another couple didn't show up and we were able to get their cabin. We don't want to experience this again.....
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