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Note: I also posted this to another similar thread, but thought it might be of interest here as well.

Since getting my Kindle for my birthday just over a month ago, I can't seem to put it down. I loved having it on my B2B cruise and read a lot while waiting for bingo and shows to start as well as on deck on sea days. So far some of the books I've read on the Kindle are

"Private" and "Postcard Killers" by James Patterson

I'm a huge fan of James Patterson
"Killer Cruise" by Laura Levine
Great little cruise read
"Her Last Letter" by Nancy C. Johnson
First time to read this author - good mystery
"Murder on the Med" by Celeste Graham
Loved reading this cruise read - mystery which takes place on a Mediterranean cruise
"Stuck in the Middle" by Virginia Smith
Nice Christian love story with family values
"Unwrapping Christmas" by Lori Copeland
Just had to have one Christmas story to read on my December B2B cruise
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