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Default Re: question about "Informal" dress code

Pamda, you and others here confirm what I thought. In addition, I agree with you: I am a real supporter of following the requested dress-of-the-evening ALL evening because it adds to the ambience while one strolls around the ship from lounge to dining to show to lounge, etc. We find it fun and special. My husband is happy to wear the tie, or whatever is requested - his comment to me concerning the whole issue of people saying "I paid thousands for my cruise; I'll wear what I want whenever" (see the CruiseCritic thread that has developed in response to my original simple post there!) goes like this: Sure, and you could also wear T-shirt and slacks to a wedding or funeral; no one will stop you from attending but that's not respectful of the event or other attendees.
[Now, if we could just re-train males in hat etiquette: remove your baseball caps when you come inside a building, especially a restaurant or when you're touring a church while sightseeing!] We are REALLY looking forward to our Summit cruise and a new cruiseline experience!
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