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Originally Posted by Iamboatman View Post
You would be amazed at how many people LOVE the rug buying experience.
I HATED the rug buying experience (I am terrible at bargaining) but we LOVE the rugs we purchased. We made a relatively significant investment in carpets in Istanbul. I am certain that: they are beautiful, we enjoy looking at them frequently (they are more obvious than works of art on the wall); they are of good quality; they remind us of a wonderful trip to Turkey; and we paid more than we should have for them. I don't know how to compare what we paid to equivalent prices in the U.S. & at this point, I don't want to know.
I agree with Eric's comments about size. I once carried a fairly large carpet home from Saudi Arabia in the overhead compartment on the plane. The carpets we bought in Istanbul arrived home before we did and shipping was included in the "bargain" price. When we saw the size of the package, we were certain they had failed to ship at least half the carpets we bought. (They were all there.)

We did the Seabourn day tour of Ephesus that included the terrace houses. It was good & fairly expensive. If I were to go again, I might see if I could get a private guide for a reasonable cost to avoid the group thing on a bus.
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