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well it looks like I am buggered (a quaint Aussie expression!!) as far as the alzheimers thing is concerned....have failed miserably at French, German and Spanish!! Does that mean it will hit me 30 years earlier?

On a serious note Paul....I have met a few people with alzheimers on Seabourn. Obviously their partners are not ready to stop cruising, so off they go!

Welcome far Granny has not been kicked off Cruisemates, so thats a good sign!

I have NEVER seen a child on Seabourn. I have also never been on one of the new bigger ships, but I would imagine they would be more suited to children than the 3 small ones. (Just because the pool area is better) I think a very port intensive itinerary could work with children, but cruises with "sea days", they would get horribly bored. I have only ever been on one mass market ship and there were something like 800 children on that! Believe it or not, the only bad behaviour I saw was a two year olds tantrum in the buffet....never saw another problem with any kids!
I dont think I would ever take my grandchildren on Seabourn (or probably anywhere at the moment...they are horrible teenagers now) but am taking my son and his wife later this year! Come to think of it, he might be more trouble than any kids!! Not that he takes after Granny or anything!
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