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Originally Posted by sail7seas View Post
I don't think HAL should go totally smoke free.

I dream of the day they ban smoking on verandahs and in cabins.
I think ships that have Sports Bars should continue to permit smoking there. On ships without a Sports Bar, they need to find one indoor location where they can isolate and venilate smoke and smokers would be permitted to smoke only there when inside the ship.

I think there should be two places outside (one of which has a cover for protection from rain) where people can smoke.

I sincerely hope us non-smokers can some day return to playing a little in the casino. As it is now, I have been totally unable to even think of spending any time there. I used to be able to bear the stench and fog but no more.
Judy, your suggestions are similar to mine, including the restrictions on in-cabin smoking. I say this even though I know it would be very inconvenient for my mother to have to leave her cabin to go to a smoking lounge or to a designated area outdoors. In-part, it would make it possible for my mother and I to cruise together, again, in the same cabin (and that would save me a lot of money). Also, it would force my mother to further moderate her smoking habits (i.e., her tendency to smoke while getting ready for dinner, etc.).

The only modification is that I would suggest that smoking be permitted in the very aft, starboard side quadrant of the outside promenade deck. It being outside and all the way aft will help evacuate smoke. And, it being only on one side of the ship will also help to reduce the impact of that smoke on others. They might also consider making one side (the starboard side?) of the Sky Deck a smoking area, and/or a section of the sports deck on one side might be made smoking.

And, finally, I think these policies should be established fleet-wide, with consistency existing between ships. HAL has not always been consistent fleet-wide in establishing policies like this, but on this matter I think consistency is a must.

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