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The children's center does offer evening sessions, but I'm not sure what time they start. IIRC, the thinking is that most families with children prefer first seating in the main dining room, so the evening program normally starts at 7:00 or 7:30 to give both the children and the staff enough time to eat dinner. But IIRC, there usually are a cuple evenings per cruise when the staff arranges a special supper for the children in the children's center. If so, the program would start at an earlier time on those evenings.

The bottom line here is that you'll either need to make your reservation for Murano's later than 6:00 (probably 7:45 or later) or schedule it for an evening when the children's program includes supper for your child. The latter may require waiting until you arrive aboard ship to make your reservation. The specialty restaurants usually have plenty of slots available at the start of the cruise, so not reserving until you get aboard is seldom a problem.

Norm is correct, I have traveled with my children and they usually close the program during first seating. However, on formal nights they do feed the children and run the program to give the parents a break. If you schedule anytime after normal first seating in the MDR you should be okay. Make sure you attend the orientation for the childrens programs on the first day, also, sign up is usually available at the pier.

If you are uncomfortable with this, Murano does not allow children under the age of 12 but Tuscan grill and other specialty restaurants on the S class ships do.

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Also, if you wish to make reservations before boarding, on seven day cruises the formal nights are usually days 2 and 6.

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