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How is it you speak for MOST of the non-smokers? You don't speak for me. I disagree with your statements about what MOST non-smokers find to be 'fact of the matter' as you say it.

You don't consider the hours each day when a ship is in port when you say you cannot understand why the wind does not blow smoke away from an abutting veranda. Nor do you take into considertation the smoke that drifts up from verandah one deck down at sailaway when the ship moves slowly. We had two smokers beneath us one cruise and they stood at their rail each afternoon at sailaway puffing like smokestacks. Their smoke drifted right up into our faces each afternoon and denied us the pleasure of standing at our railing to watch the pretty sight sailing out of port. Their selfish action had no consideration to how they impacted our enjoyment. We had to go in and miss the sailaway. That is give and take? When we politely asked if they could refrain while we could all enjoy sailaway, they responded, "It's permitted" and lit another from the butt of the one they were just finishing.

What give and take is there when (as happened to DH and me), we had smokers on both sides of our cabin? We were sandwiched between them and they had no regard for the fact we lost total use of our verandah for an entire Carbibean cruise. They seemed to spend most of their cruise on their verandahs smoking and they didn't give a fig our discomfort.

We, too, paid for use of that verandah and nothing we did prohibited someone from enjoying their verandah but their actions and disregard for anything or anyone but their selfish addiction denied us use of the verandah.

I have never said we are allergic.... we are not. We just can't stand the stink, the disgusting ash, the way our clothes smell when walking through a smoke filled area, the way my hair stinks....... It makes me sick the pigs that leave cigarette butts in a park, on a beach, stomped out on a sidewalk. No one should have to look at the litter.

We live in a state where smoking is banned in all workplaces. Just about everywhere you go is a workplace for someone so we live a smoke free life for the most part. None of our friends smoke. They all figured out smoking was out of the question and either never smoked or quit. Amazing how millions of people worldwide have quit. The whining about how hard it is to quit is old and doesn't cut it anymore. Millions have done it.

It is only when we go to the ships we are exposed to it.
After 71 cruises on HAL, we are not going to go to another cruise line but we ARE going to keep harping at everyone who stands still long enough to cut back more on where smoking is permitted. It seems to be working as Maasdam eliminated one more place where once they permitted it.

They all know they have to take the last step and eliminate it in cabins and verandahs and it will be coming very soon.....
More states, more provinces, more countries have stricter smoking policies and cruise lines know more people are intolerant of being around smoke.

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