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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
Well, honestly, I think you should say "a dream-come-true for those few nonsmokers who have a real allergy, and the slightly larger group who have a strong dislike of smoke however long ago or however distant."

The fact of the matter is that I think MOST nonsmokers, like my wife and me, find modern ships to be very good about the control of smoking and preventing it from disturbing the average nonsmoker. I have never had a cabin (or a hotel room) in which I found any trace at all of previous smokers. I think the cruise lines must have some marvelous super secret deodorizer! It is also hard for me to understand complaints about smoke drifting from another balcony. Certainly at sea the breeze is enough to blow it away. When the ship is perfectly still maybe it would be slightly noticeable.

The fact is, folks, that when 3000 people are packed together in a small space, there has to be just a bit of give and take and getting along with each other. That being the case, I am afraid that people who seriously object to smoke to that degree need to restrict their vacations to smoke free resorts. It is too bad that they will miss the joys of cruising, but they simply can't expect cruise lines to cater to that small group and exclude smokers, another relatively small group, from enjoying their cruises. But somehow virulent anti-smokers seem to have seized what they regard as the moral high ground and think that they must be accomodated regardless of others.

HAL has been doing that survey for a number of years. If they thought there was any profit to be made from further smoking restrictions they would surely have done it by now.
I do think that nonsmokers, for the most part, just tolerate the second-hand smoke without saying anything at all. This does not necessarily mean that they aren't bothered by it. Actually, I can't think of a single nonsmoker I know who really wants to be around a bunch of smoke. To label us as "virulent antismokers" seems a little much, as does the suggestion that we should just quit cruising & go to a smoke free resort.
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