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Default Carnival does it, too

Not sure why I see so many threads in which someone says go with a major cruise line like Carnival to avoid scams.

We just went to a Wyndham timeshare presentation in Vegas. We were offered $100 in credit for the slot machines, a $50 gift card and a free four-day cruise ("except for $60 portage fees") on Carnival in exchange for listening to a two-hour presentation at Harrah's that includes a free breakfest.

The presentation lasted four hours, the breakfast was truly inedible (I think they do that on purpose so that by the time four hours are up, you're starved and not thinking straight) and the "free cruise" would cost $156 per person for a cruise that we could get on our own on the Carnival site, all expenses such as tax and fees included, for less than $200 per person.

They made good on the slots credit and gift card, though. We got luicky at the slots, had fun and raked in a bunch of money, the gift card covered a great dinner that we had two-for-one coupons for, so we came out happy with the deal, but be forewarned that these people lie like crazy, you can buy these Wyndham timeshares on ebay for about 5 cents on the dollar, and many people have been unhappily rippsed off.

What surprises me is that a supposedly reputable company like Carnival agrees to be a part of this.
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