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Default Re: question about "Informal" dress code

I just love it when these discussions come up. I "met" one of my better on-line friends during one of them when we were passionately defending our own points of view. (She belongs to the, "I paid for this cruise, I'll wear what I darned well please" camp and I'm on the conservative end of the continuum.")

It occurred to me last week on Horizon, when we decided to try the alternative dining on the second formal night, that there would be people in the casino (my husband, for one) not wearing a tux or dark suit. I guess there will be more and more of that. So long as the after-dinner change is into something that fits with what one would wear to an alternative dining venue, I don't see a problem with it. What rots my socks (pantyhose, I guess ...) are the post-prandial workout shorts and tank tops.

I'm going to toss in with Karen on the cap thing. Wear caps when you can see the sky by looking up. When we still had kids at home and lots of young visitors, I had a basket by the front door. Caps went there. My husband mantains that one can lose from 5-15 IQ points by turning the cap backwards.

Bill, great cufflinks. No penalty points from the Fashion Police for those. But Rick, much as I love you, put your lucky cap in the tray to catch the money ???

And Lew, you may be just as stuffy as I am on these issues.

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