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jp garnier
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Default Re: question about "Informal" dress code

I, also am amazed by these discussions, particularly by the comments that indicate for deviation from the recommendations with the comment, 'IT WORKS OUT JUST FINE". The dress code is not a subjective fact of life but a recommendation by the line to create a certain atmosphere on the ship. The subjective choice is not to cruise on a particular ship or line. I doubt that anyone would take the position at Le Cirque in NY that one candress as they damn well please because they are spending money. Most lines recommend that the dress code be followed for the complete evening and not only until one decides that it is "time to play" any more than we as passengers would welcome waiters in a very elegant dining room to change to jeans an T shirts to serve dessert. After more than 40 cruises I, subjectively, still enjoy the elegance of cruising as it was in the early days and wear the tux when called for, a shirt and tie on informal nights with a blazer and a long sleeve sport shirt without blazer on casual, or a polo with blazer. That is only my personal taste and I enjoy it, but it also fits my desire not to offend others who are repelled by polo shirts with varying messages on formal night. I wonder how many would spend multiples of thousands to go on a major ship that dispenses service in shorts and jeans and yet expect that they can dress as they would to go to the local FD's chicken BBQ. There, the spleen has been vented, JP
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