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Just a short story. A couple of cruises ago, I selected a 4K cabin on "Miracle". I selected this cabin, because it is just slightly above the cost of an inside, but it DOES have French Doors that open, but no balcony. We boarded the ship, and were sitting in the cabin, when the door opened, and a couple walked in. They were obviously VERY surprised to see someone in the cabin. (Not nearly as surprised as we were to see them enter our cabin. They excused themselves, saying, "sorry, wrong cabin" so we assumed we hadn't latched the door, and they just pushed it to get in. A few minutes later, the phone rang, and someone at the pursers desk ask who we were. I told him, and he paused, then told me that we'd been upgraded to a balcony, and to please vacate OUR cabin immediately, and report to the pursers desk for the NEW key to our NEW cabin! When I asked about how they had assigned the cabin to two different folks, when I had booked this specific cabin 8 months before, he said the cabin had been sold on the dock????? When I questioned that, he said that they were doing that again. (I thought it was illegal because of the requirement of the immigration folks to have a list of the passengers 48 hours, or whatever, in advance.) Bottom line, we were upgraded to a balcony, from a 4-K, even though we HAD selected our specific cabin!

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