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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
BTW-there is no 48 hr or 3-day advance booking rule requirements. Never have been. They did change the time that the manifest has to be submitted, but not by much.
Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
Interesting to see others here say they book inside - I thought I was the only one. Everyone here talks about their balconies, this the first time I've seen others admit to being insiders. Even if I save $50 bucks by being inside .... it's $50 bucks saved! Also, I really do like the "blackout effect" of being inside. We don't really spend time in our cabin, so its just a place to sleep, shower, and dress.
I'd always read that there was a "time frame" when the manifest was to be submitted, so just assumed it to be fact. Many years ago, we'd go to the port with suitcase in hand, and register for "standby". More often than not, we'd get to sail for next to nothing! Apparently, that's what the folks did who got our cabin!
We almost always book inside, and always enjoy those cabins, and the extra money that we save by doing so. I too love the dark cabin in the afternoon, which is GREAT for that afternoon nap. That prepares us for a fun night, without going to sleep in the theater!

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