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Originally Posted by cadred View Post
Hi, my wife and I are taking our first cruise, a 4 night to Cozumel. We have one day to spend in Cozumel and I was hoping for some guidance on which excursions would be fun. There's an overwhelming number of things to do, but I think I narrowed it down to a few that seem the most fun for us:

The Amazing Cozumel Race / Race Fantastique
Isla de Paison via Twister
Tulum Excursion

We aren't very active people, but we tend to get bored sitting around too much, so these things seem pretty fun without being too strenuous.

Which of these (or other excursions) would be the best for us?

ps. I've posted a similar question in the Destinations forums, so please don't hate me for cross-posting
No hating here.

Based on what you've said about your activity level and likes I would go for the Tulum excursion especially if you enjoy ancient history. The walking is fairly easy if you don't have a mobility problem and the area is beautiful.

Have a great time on the cruise and enjoy your day in Cozumel no matter what excursion you choose.

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