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I am a life long non-smoker who has been around smokers (family menbers and co-workers) all my life. I tend toward a libetarian view that the owners of any business should be able to establish any policy they like as far as the extent of smoking they want to allow in their business. If I don't like their policy or practices I am free to take my business elsewhere - that's true whether I am a smoker or not. That being said I would not book a cruise where comparatively unrestricted smoking was allowed. It just wouldn't be worth the hassle and personal effects smoke has on me.

I have to say that the cruise lines are not fools and realize that we are free to take our business where we please and have, IMHO, reached a pretty reasonable compromise in their policies to accomodate MOST smokers and non-smokers. Like politics there will always be those who occupy the extreme positions on both sides of the issue but most of us can reasonably co-exist. I'm sure the cruise companies want to maximize their profits and try to accomodate both for that reason.

I've been on 5 cruises and never encountered a situation that I couldn't tolerate or easily adjust to.
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