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The Amazing Cozumel Race / Race Fantastique

I have never heard of this. I went to the web site and I still dont get what it is - but apparently people like it.

Isla de Paison via Twister

Never heard of this either, but here is the web site for it.

Twister Jet Boat Excursion Passion Island Cozumel

I have never been to Tulum, but I have been the Chichen Itza - that is a good experience. Tulum I am guessing is less impressive.

Do NOT go horseback riding - the horses are one lope away from the glue bottle. I like Chakanaab park, but you said you get bored sitting on beaches, so probably not a good fit.

IF they have a way to get to Xcaret Ecp Park on the mainland I recommend that highly - it could be pricey, but I thnk it is worth it.
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