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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Most of the lux lines travel all over the world and may only do one 7-day Caribbean per year.

Crystal features much larger ships than the others, so they tend to have bigger casinos. I don't know what you like to play in the casino, but if it is slots you may not like small lux ships much.

Crystal generally has the biggest casinos onboard any lux ship.

I was just looking at an upcoming Seabourn cruise in the Caribbean, RT St Thomas. It is a small 200-passenger ship with a tiny casino. It is also in port every day so that casino would be closed while in port.

If I know more about what you like I could probably go farther, but I am guessing you would like Crystal. But I need to know how you rate for importance:

1. food
2. size of staterooms
3. number of onboard activites
4. Movie Theaters
5. Dancing

NOW - if you really don't have the budget for lux I might suggest looking at Azamara, Oceania or the older and small Holland America and Princess ships. These tend to be very quiet and personalized like lux ships, but at far cheaper prices.

HI Paul,

THanks for the quick reply! (and for the previous poster too!).

As for casino, we love blackjack. So a cruise with lots of tables works best for us. YEs, DH his not happy whent he ship is on port and he can't play! Personally, I don't cruise for ports. A 7-day with 2-3 ports would be perfect.

Food is important. I like good food. I wouldn't go so far as to say I cruise for the food, but it's up there. Bad food = bad cruise.

Size of rooms - not important - we actually like inside cabins. I do prefer a larger ship for stability. I think Sovereign of the Seas is the smallest ship I've been on on.

Onboard activities and movies - not too important. I like the acitivities offer by Royal, but can't say we use them all.

Dancing - we may visit the dance club here an there, IF we like the music and we are not 20 years older than everyone! We might stay an hour or so, and then DH wants to gamble.

WHy do we cruise? It's like vegas at sea. Generally, cruising is cheaper than vegas (we tend to book last minute). I enjoy great food (but it's been lacking lately). I also enjoy service. I will visit the spa 1-2 times, but its not critical.

Curious, I think you are a writer? Are you a TA too?

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