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I am a writer, I am not a travel agent. There are a few on our staff, however.

If you like Vegas at sea and really want to try a true luxury line I have to say Crystal. They have the biggest Casinos (used to be affiliated with Caeser's I believe - one of the Vegas biggies).

But in truth it sounds like you might really like a premium ship with good food like Celebrity Solstice a lot better. You can get a 300 sq ft suite for much less than a minimum cabin on a more inclusive cruise line.

The casino will be far bigger and there will be more dancing.

But of all the lux lines, Crystal has the most dancing (great ballroom dancing to a live band every night), and it has excellent cuisine.

Most of the lux lines will have BJ, however (that is the one table game they will be sure to have) and maybe roulette. But the hours may be shorter than you want.

Matbe Kuki will ring in here, he is a big BJ player.
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