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Not to worry, I already have had long - and positive - conversations with the Executive VP (a long and very friendly relationship with a great guy) and the Regional Manager (who actually called me from Asia) as well as a number of the reservations folks who may telecommute. (BTW, Holland America has over 100 reservations agents that telecommute from home.)

Remember there is nothing special that happens without the approval of those at the top! Does anyone think they would risk their job doing favors for me that they shouldn't do?

I think there are many good things that are going to come out of the move as I wrote on my blog. I am concerned for some of those who have been let go, but quite happy that others FINALLY have. There was a strange situation for quite a while where the product at sea fortunately didn't match what was happening in Miami. It has been a combination of my status (which I have earned!!!) and my ability to work around the issues ttalent??) that has created the results.

Now I am looking foward to working more efficiently...which benefits everyone.
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