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Default Advice for first time cruisers

In preparation for our first cruise ( a gift from a relative), I lurked this site and appreciated the advice and good will everyone seems to share. Now that I've returned, and maybe I missed this on the forum so please forgive me, but under practical advice, folks should be warned about some of the potential down sides in order to be better prepared. Firstly, we waited for over 4 hours to board ship. We were told to arrive no later than 1:30 PM, arrived at 12:15 PM and waited in a huge mass of humanity until 4:30 to board. With no food or drink anywhere, except what I had in my bag, people ranging from 3 to 83 were less than enthused and some really struggling. People should be advised of these kinds of waits so they can take the necessary precautions. Secondly, shortly after leaving port, the ship encountered quite a weather front and rocked and rolled all night and the next day, sometimes rolling 6 or 7 degrees each way. I'm not prone to motion sickness and I do love a good storm at sea, but many people were unprepared and I hear the medical office was filled to capacity dispensing medication.

I hope this doesn't sound too much like fussing and surely what we experienced is not the norm- but it can and does happen. Admittedly, cruising is not for me, as I prefer a small gathering on a boat under sail, no set schedule and a deserted beach somewhere. I do think however, first timers are likely to become big fans if given more realistic advice on being prepared for the unlikely. My $.02...
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