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Tonight we are doing a special dinner with seven courses - each paired with a special wine. Tey do this on EVERY CRUISE (not just a travel wroter perk).

They select the diners through thr first suite occupants to sign up, Yes, they are flexible by one person. I believe it is a free thing (on Silversea they charge $500 per person for this).

We just had a wine tasting - the boutique wine selection they have onboard is delicious. One thing I regret in life is that I am not more of a oenophile. But the sommeliers onboard are very knowledgable and will uide you through a great wine experience.

All of their wines are little-known - South Africa, Australia, Portugal, Italy, California and France.

Usually they pair a red & white from the same region each night.

This is certainly a "suite" deal. I now remember why I like these small, destination-oriented cruise lines (it has been awhle since I have been on one).

More pics later. I tried a few times but the gallery did not work.
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