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I think they are different animals. The back office is what is supposed to support the ships...which have been doing an outstanding operational job despite the inside shortcomings (and the yeoman efforts of so many of those inside folks!)

As I mentioned with Oceania's jettisoning of Insignia (they say it is only a 2 year charter and they will take her back, but I have a bridge I would like to sell you!) the Oceania ships are seriously different in philosophy and execution. The Seabourn ships, however, have really found their synergies and I have many clients that originally said the large ships were Seabourn's downfall, but now sail on both small and large ships.

Personally, and I have no inside knowledge about this, I think the smaller ships will start to focus on more unique itineraries and the larger ones will sail more diverse itineraries, but with a focus on the more standard ports of embarkation and disembarkation.

Saving $25,000,000 using HAL's software (which is, in actuality also shared with Princess, Cunard and P&O Australia) coupled with a larger marketing team (both to the public and travel agents) should result in some real positive news; not the disappearance of Seabourn.
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