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Actually I just fared air with perfect times from the East Coast to Europe on major carriers departing May 5 and returning May 23 for $765 including all fees and taxes. (I don't want to give my client's specifics, but you can check it out yourself.)

There is no question that some...that is some...will find Regent or Seabourn to be fine. However, in my experience that is a serious minority and one that it is generally a Regent past passenger trying out Seabourn. (And the posts of those who choose to have noted certain superior things about Seabourn and complained about things like a self-service coffee machine that Seabourn would never dream of having.) To each his/her own.

As for my bent, the issue for me is about what you are paying for and what you are being promised you will receive. If Regent promises a certain level and it is not provided, I am not going to be positive. If Regent is saying something is "free" and it is not, I am not going to be positive. If Regent requires you pay for tours ("free"???) and luxury clients historically do not want them, I am not going to be positive about it.

However, if paying a seriously hefty premium for a complete package, even if they are not going to get the level of service/cuisine promised or use the tours, makes someone happy, that is fine.

To me it is a matter of explaining and analyzing; not supporting or cheerleading for the sake of doing it. Heck, I could make more commission per booking by focusing on Regent. However, that is not my motivation.

Listen, Regent has done a great job of marketing and there are a number of very happy passengers. I am not interested in making them unhappy. I am just providing facts and my opinion...for whatever it is worth to whomever reads it, be it "gold" or "toilet paper".
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