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Default Lounge musicians

When I was on the HAL Zuiderdam last month I had the opportunity to listen to all the lounge acts .One was an 8 piece band with a singer who was terrific .To me ,each member of the band was very good ,too good to be on a cruise ship's lounge . I got a chance to speak to the drummer .He said that both he and the band's leader have been with a lot of groups over the years . This band was put together in the hope of eventually being discovered .I'm wondering if this ever happens .Are there really good talent on cruise ships ?

I happen to know a singer who has had a 35 year career playing in concerts all over the world ,released a few CD's(LP's) and now in her mid 60's is doing cruise ships as is her husband ,a comedian in his 70's .
That to me is understandable ,however ,I wonder if younger people ever catch that break or just spend their lives in cruise lounges ?
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