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I am not a musician although I'm steeped in music....all kinds from light classical and light opera to big band, Broadway, Country, Gospel, you name it. I have a piano and I used to play by ear as while my older brother received years of instruction, there wasn't money for me to take lessons when I came along. Mother used to holler, "Would you stop that pounding, you sound just like Dell Wood!

Anyway, one of the most talented "house bands" I ever heard was on the Explorer of the Seas.

Now if you like old fashioned Rock 'n Roll with a pounding base, an outrageous piano, one of the best Sax players I've heard in decades, do yourself a favor and go to You Tube and type in The Refreshments. There are two such bands, one from Arizona. Forget them. Go to the other and play "One Dance, One Rose, One Kiss first and then they have a ton more. They have a southern flavor but they're not even American. They're from Sweden and on some of the videos, one of Europe's best Rock 'n Roll guitarists, Albert Lee sits in with them and you'll never believe a 63 year old can still play as he does. Also, the keyboardist, Johan Blohm, is considered the best Boogie and Rock'nroll piano player in Europe. He's a huge fellow and he's famous for while his hands are going ninety miles an hour, from the elbows up he never seems to move and has his head cocked to one side with this wry smile on his face. If you like loud pounding well played foot stompin' music, turn your sound up sit back and enjoy.

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