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Unfortunately, I am having problems loading picture.
Last night we had the special “pairings” dinner. This seven course meal had every course paired with a special wine. The line does this one every cruise at no extra charge for a selection of suite guests. This was my first opportunity for a pairing dinner and I do have to say it can truly be magic – especially the way certain white wines pair with different appetizers.
Unfortunately, I do not yet have the menu from the dinner so I cannot tell you what was paired with what, but I can tell you that once again the food was exquisite. As soon as I receive the menu I will share it with you.
Of course, the last three days have been exhausting, with having the Azamara “brass” onboard and having two and a half fully scheduled days with demonstrations, dinners and shows.
Before the dinner we were given a demonstration by the company that trains not only the butlers but the food servers (waiters) onboard. Our demo was on “butterfly service” and we press were required to get up and follow the cues of the head waiter, moving in using placing and removing plates, and remembering to serve from the right, etc. I felt a little like Kevin Sheehan on “Undercover Boss.”
Today we docked in La Paz – a quiet genuine Mexican town deep in the Sea of Cortes. Unfortunately, I felt exhausted and could not stay long. It is time of r a long-needed nap, and I will talk to you more tomorrow. My butler has brought me dinner in my room, and I am just watching “The Ten Commandments” for my bedtime story, along with the service for Gabby Gibbons on television.
It is surprisingly rocky in the Sea of Cortes tonight - I am glad ny wife, Lou Ann, is not here as I think she would nto like it. I am going to bed now now and will talk to you tomorrow.
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