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i haven't heard that Crystal was going more casual, so on that note your best bet would be for days - shorts/top, bathing suit w/cover-up. Casual Evenings: nice pants and a collared shirt for your man - dockers type pants and a polo shirt are always a good choice, as for you- a nice casual sundress, capris and a nice top, skirt & blouse, or a nice pair of trousers with a blouse. If there is a semi-formal night(not sure) your man would need to kick it up to a blazer, dress trousers shirt & tie, and you would need to wear a dressier dress, dinner suit, dress pants/blouse that type of thing, as for formal nights - a dark suit/shirt-tie or tux for your man, and for you - a dressy cocktail dress, long dress, dressy flowy pants with a sparkly or silky top, dressy dinner suit.
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