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Originally Posted by You View Post
... or if I have a small amount left at home, just take that...
There are two things to consider.

>> 1. A container that's less than half full is going to take a lot more space than necessary in your luggage.

>> 2. If you are flying to your cruise ship, the TSA's restricts containers in your carry-on luggage to three (3) fluid ounces. A five ounce container that's only half full is not acceptable.

I have one additional tip. When packing plastic containers that are less than full for a flight, loosen the cap, squeeze about half of the air out of the container, and re-seal the cap before packing the container. While at altitude, the cabins in commercial aircraft are pressurized to the equivalent elevation of about 8,000 feet (about the equivalent of being at the base of a mountain in the midst of the Rockies), where the ambient atmospheric pressure is considerably less than at sea level. If containers are sealed normally near sea level, the drop in ambient pressure can cause the seams to split, spilling the contents. With the air removed, the container can expand to mitigate the drop in pressure. (It's obviously a good idea to break the seal and allow the container to return to its normal shape when you unpack it after the flight so the container does not become permanently deformed.)

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