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Originally Posted by You View Post
When I was on the HAL Zuiderdam last month I had the opportunity to listen to all the lounge acts .One was an 8 piece band with a singer who was terrific .To me ,each member of the band was very good ,too good to be on a cruise ship's lounge . I got a chance to speak to the drummer .He said that both he and the band's leader have been with a lot of groups over the years . This band was put together in the hope of eventually being discovered .I'm wondering if this ever happens .Are there really good talent on cruise ships ?
I have seen some really fabulous talent on cruise ships, including people who have had starring roles on Broadway.

I know that for the dancers in the cruise line's production shows, completion of the second contract with a cruise line has long been the ticket to a successful career on Broadway or in Las Vegas.

And why the second contract? Quite simply, the dancers on cruise ships have one of the most demanding regimens anywhere in the business because they typically must do four shows at once. The second contract proves that one is good enough to be invited back, and thus leaves no doubt of one's ability to meet the pressures and demands of the business.

I presume that the same is true of musicians and singers hired directly by a cruise line.

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