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Originally Posted by You View Post
Just wondering if you can advise me on a good cruise line for going north to Sweden, Norway, St Petersburg....
Most of the major cruise lines deploy one or two ships to operate that itinerary throughout the summer, and their itineraries are generally similar.

The most important question is: Which cruise line is the best match for you?

Each cruise line has its own style and personality -- and they are all over the map, ranging from very casual to very dressy, catering to tastes ranging from "pretzels and beer" to "wine and cheese" to "champagne and caviar," with ambiances ranging from "sports bar" to "amusement park" to "country club" to "very elegant" and price points ranging from "bargain basement" to "ultra-luxury," with many degrees in between. I do think that a competent travel agent can help you to choose the line that would be best for you, but first I recommend buying a travel guide to cruise lines and cruise ships from your favorite bookstore (all of the major series of travel guides -- Berlitz, Fodor's, Frommer's, Complete Idiot's Guide, etc. -- have them) and reading the descriptions of each of the lines to narrow down the choices. If you don't find a clear right choice, you probably will at least narrow it down to two or three lines before sitting down with a travel agent. At that point, a travel agent can help you to refine your selection.

Originally Posted by You
Also - what are ports 'not to miss'???
All of the ports of call in the region have something unique to offer.

In fact, all of the ports of call have more to offer than you can possibly do in the time that you will be there.

So the practical reality is that you probably will want to go back, regardless of which cruise you choose.

BTW, you probably will find that your time in port will be very busy and that those precious days "at sea" scattered throughout the itinerary will provide a much-needed opportunity to unwind and to catch up on your rest. Most people going to Europe for the first time don't realize how exausting the ports of call typically are.


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