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Originally Posted by cruised1014 View Post
Well I will give you some tips. I just cruised the Glory in December and it was not my favorite. Poor entertainment, tired crew, ship showing it's age and this was my 15th cruise. But you are talking about 11 months from not so it will be different but for better or worse? There are two kinds of people. People that love cruising and people that just hate it. Do you really what your first cruise to be 7 days? If you don't like the cruise your stuck for 7 days. Why not try a 4 or 5 night? Carnival Paradise out of Tampa. Spends Christmas day at sea. Or Carnivals Sensation out of Port Canaveral. Both of thoses ships have Carnival's Water Works water parks. And just keep in mind if you do have a port on Christmas Day Mexico, St Thomas or wearever all excurisons and shops are open just like any day of the year. If you go 7days though I would have to suggest the Magic. The ship and crew should have it together by then. Have a great cruise whatever you decide and keep in mind a cruise is what YOU make of it. Your in charge of what you want to do.
If you don't like the chicken and or steak you ordered for dinner ask for something else. There are no prices on the menu in front of you. If want to just hang out and get a nice tan to take home with you. Go ahead it's your cruise. Keep in mind the Smaller ships have 2,000 people and the larger have almost 4,000 so take your pick. Either way you will have a great time. Ed:-D
Thanks for the info on Glory. I thought I read somewhere that is was refurbished in 2010 ... ?
The reason I am looking for a ship that's at sea on Christmas Day is simply something that my daughter requested to help it feel more like Christmas for her. (We spent last Christmas at in Magic Kingdom at Disney World.)

Originally Posted by Phil&Liz View Post
Were doing the Glory next month and Magic in November 2011.

I would agree that if it is your first cruise you may want to do a shorter one.

Magic is new..well about 6 months new when you are it should be in great shape for you.

Can't speak to the condition of the Glory yet. Look around at several reviews on the ship before coming to any decision. Visit the Carnival forums at Welcome to Funville | Carnival?s Online Cruise Community | Carnival Cruise Lines and read what others say about the Glory.
As for the cruise length, I'm really not worried about it. I love the water and, although I have never cruised before, I have spent several days/nights on a houseboat at Lake Powell with no problem. Not to mention, Christmas week is the ONLY vacation opportunity that my daughter and I have together all year, so I definitely want to get the most out of it!

Originally Posted by flowers View Post
I know Mariner of the Seas isnt among your choices.. but it will be a new ship to Galveston and the prices are terrific. About $100 less for Mariner than for Magic for a inside cabin. Magic will be just like Dream. I wouldnt pick it just because its a year newer than Dream. .. Id pick Mariner which will be a more beautiful ship... and probably cheaper.

Price them both out for your week, as Im sure they could vary. iv been booked for a while on Mariner over Magic.

... and Im platinum on Carnival, just would not pay extra for Carnival.
From what I am seeing, Mariner is $250 MORE than Magic ... ? That the only reason it isn't on my list.
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