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Ken has it right. If the computer has been programmed correctly and has the correct information on the database and can access it in a very short period of time then the computer will win.

It is question and answer. It requires nothing more than answering a specific question. The programmer will take the Jeopardy "question/that is an answer" format and reformat it to the computer as a question using keywords and syntax. If the computer can execute the instructions fast enough and execute the database search and display the answer faster than a human then it's a no brainer as to who will win.

The thing I know is that the computer will probably know every single answer but will it be able to display that answer fast enough?

People think computers are smart but they are not. They have no intelligence whatsoever. A program may give it the appearance of intelligence but a computer is stupid, really stupid. It must be told how to do the most minute task and it has to be told how to do it every time it does it.

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