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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
In 40 cruises we have seen a lot of the world -- almost every port in an 8 hour port call, and a few places like St. Petersburg with an overnight. The fact of the matter is, FOR US, the way we travel and the pictures we like to take, this has proven to be an entirely satisfactory way to do it. In all honesty there are few ports about which we say we need to go back there. In fact, certain ports like Istanbul and Ephesus (which appeared on another itinerary we chose for other directions it was going)have not been nearly as exciting the second or third time there.

The exception, in fact, has proven to be NOT the Mediterranean nor the Baltic but in fact, good old Alaska, which is a cruise we will take again and again!
Eight hours to see a port? Venice? Rome? Athens? Buenos Aires? Rio? Saigon? Hong Kong? Beijing? Shanghai? Bangkok? Singapore? Sydney? I can't believe that you can consider eight hours enough to see anywhere; even a small town in middle America. There are places that four hours was enough; not because I had seen it all, but because I did not like what I had seen. Still, never think that you can see the world just by cruising port to port for eight hours at a time.


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