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Well I cant comment on the problems of smoking on the big ships, as I have never been on them.
However on the small ships I have notched up a few feel like I can add my comments.
I have actually notched up something like 160 plus all that time I have never smelt any sign of smoking in the suite. I dont know if its true, but have been told that all drapes etc are taken out of a suite where a smoker has resided, and are cleaned or replaced for the next guest. Our suites have always been smoke free.

Sometimes we have smelt smoke in the actually doesnt bother us at all, but I can see that it certainly would bother some people.

I must say though, that the worst cruise we ever did as far as smoking was concerned was a Trans Atlantic Crossing. This was our only TA Crossing and we would hesitate to do another. We had just sailed for 72 days around South America, and didnt have any problems....then continued on to do a TA Crossing....... the smoking problem escalated on this Crossing. Its funny how each cruise can attract an entirely different group of people. On this cruise we couldnt go to "The Club" for drinks before dinner. The reason was because "The Club" was full of smokers. I believe that since then The Club has become a NO SMOKING area, so that is a problem that has been solved.
What I now read on CC etc. though, is that now the smokers have taken over the Observation Lounge...and Bar.....the Observation Lounges on all the ships, is an area where all guests should feel comfortable....have the best views......and is a great area to relax, either day or night......The smoking rules in this area is "only smoking on the Starboard side"....try telling the smoke that it has to stay on one side of the lounge!!
I really think it is time that Seabourn stopped all smoking in PUBLIC AREAS areas like the Sky Bar etc, smoking shouldnt be a problem....but in indoor areas is obviously is a problem.
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