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Default Question about the drink packages

I just booked a 7 day cruise with my hubby on the Celebrity Solstice for March 20-March 27th, 2011 and I really excited. I am doing some research to see if buying a drink package is worth it or just getting a bill at the end of our cruise. I have read this forum and my question is about the Premium package..what does it mean "up to $12.00/drink" ; if I purchased the Premium package and go to a bar and the drink I ordered totals more than $12.00 does that mean I have to pay for it or do I just get billed the difference from the $12.00. Also I understand you can only order one drink at a time but do you have a limit per bar per day and a limit of how many glasses of wine I have at many drinks are over $12.00..most people say that it's really in the martini bar is where you have to watch out for the price difference.

So..if I purchase the premium package for me and my hubby which I think will total something like 700.00-800.00 for it possible we won't have a bill at the end of our trip for drinks.

Thanks Shelley
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