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Default To purchase a drink package or not

We are first time cruisers and are debating whether to pre purchase a package or get a bill at the end of our cruise. I looked at the classic package and the premium package..the classic package for 2 of us would be around 670.00 and the premium package would be 900.00. Our cruise includes 3 ports and 3 days at sea so because the port days we would be off the ship anywhere from 2-6 hours we would not be drinking on the ship during those times. Is it really worth pre buying a package or get a bill at the end of your vacation. Both my hubby and I are social drinkers and love a few glasses of wine at dinner.

I averaged the classic package as being about $47-$49/day/person and the premium as $65-$70/day/person...

My question is to seasoned cruisers what is your preference; have you done your cruise both ways and what are the pros and cons in both situations; and what was your average bill at the end of your cruise.

Another idea I had was to purchase one wine package so we could have a bottle of wine at our dinner and purchase one pop and water so we could have something other than alcohol during the day.

Some tips would be great

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