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I think Paul's most recent post shows three things:

1. Keep things in perspective. A long rant about entertainment that you really don't care about or dining that evening just a bit later shouldn't create such emotions that it overshadows all the outstanding things. (I made a short, but stinging, review of Seabourn's main act on the Seabourn Sojourn's Maiden Voyage and Seabourn's then president was furious for me saying so. I was baffled because of all the raves I had given...lots and lots of them...but... Paul's comments certainly add credibility to his positive comments, but hopefully don't overshadow them.

2. Bad entertainment seems to always get more detail than great food or service. This fascinates me, in part, because if you ever go on a smaller ship and expect solid entertainment you will probably be disappointed because it is just not what the cruise is focused on.

3. Expecting the Front Desk to make reservations hour from whenever you appear is a disappointment waiting to happen. Should it be? No. Will it be except on a few of the real luxury ships with half the number of guests? Probably (not definitely). Maybe using the butler for one of the few things you can actually use him/her for (if not yourself) might have been a better strategy. Being nice is one thing, but complaining about the consequence of being nice is another.

As for Eric De Gray, he is a very nice person...very nice. But I was glad to see him finally leave Seabourn. However, there are quite a number of people that really like him and his shtick. I don't get it, but it is what it is.

And just another example of why toupees are stupid!
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