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[QUOTE=trvlqueen;1335905]I could be mistaken, but I think if you prepay your tips, you have paid them - I dont' believe they can be removed or reallocated - but I've never had poor enough service to warrant that. We did have a less than exceptional room steward last time out, but less than exceptional isn't a reason not to tip - especially when the bulk of the crews income comes from tips. Now bad service, that's a different story and I wouldn't hesitate to remove/reallocate tips in that case - but after working for tips myself, all the way through college, I'd first evaluate my own expectations to be sure they were reasonable before messing with someone's income.

I think, though - and PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, that electing to prepay your tips basically removes that discretion from you] - I usually do prepay, though - I just like having most things paid for/covered in advance and can then elect to tip additionally if I want to without the pressure on my S&S bill from the standard tips.[/QUOTE
I'd love to hear an answer to the bolded text above. Our TA asked that we prepay our tips, I wanted to but hubby said if the service wasn't good we should have the option not to tip as much. My thought is, if we can get this over with beforehand that's a good thing, one less expense come cruisetime.
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